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RoboRoller - Smart Runaway Cat Toy

RoboRoller - Smart Runaway Cat Toy

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The Most Unstoppable Toy!

Cats are easily bored yet have an infinite amount of curiosity and energy waiting to be tapped into for just as much fun and exercise!

The RoboRoller is unique compared to any other boring toy in a cat's collection. Watch as they continuously run and chase this unpredictable toy - creating fun and adorable moments! 

RoboRoller is a step above any other automatic toy due to its constant movement - causing it to never be stationary!


Key Features:

Unpredictable Movement - No cat will get bored of this toy! The random movements trigger constant curiosity.

Smart Motor - RoboRoller is built to never get stuck against a wall or object. The fun never stops! 

USB charging - no more harmful to the environment batteries! 

Durable Material - although RoboRoller is light, it's made with super strength but safe materials. That surprising feline strength holds no weight to it!

Auto Power Off - The fun has to stop eventually...for now! RoboRoller saves energy and avoids over-stimulation by turning off automatically!


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