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Mouse Bounce - Automatic Lifting Ball

Mouse Bounce - Automatic Lifting Ball

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Keeps Your Cat Happy and Healthy!

Surely a toy that every cat dreams of - a ball on a string that bounces by itself!

This cool-looking toy will keep your cat active, healthy, and playful! Having a toy like this around for our little friends will make sure they're never bored! 

Just attach it to a short ledge or table and allow your cat to have the time of its life!


Key Features:

Uniquely Designed -  Busy doing something important? That's fine, just place Mouse Bounce anywhere in the house and it will keep your cat entertained for hours.

Long Life - Mouse Bounce is sturdy and flexible - it also consumes a low amount of energy as it turns off automatically. Meaning hours of fun for your cat!

Calmer environment - The house will be more peaceful when your cat has something to play with as it keeps them entertained for hours, preventing them from scratching on your couch or other furniture.


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