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Moonbi - Self Moving Cat Toy

Moonbi - Self Moving Cat Toy

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The play buddy every cat needs

Moonbi is a smart interactive toy that plays with cats by itself! Activate it with your voice and it will start singing, moving and flashing to catch the attention of your little hunter!

When your cat moves it, you’ll see it take off in different directions to start a chasing game you’ll both enjoy! No cat can resist playing with it because of its pray-like behavior.

Moonbi keeps the felines occupied for hours a day so they have something to do when you are busy. Gift your cats a playful companion they need to stay active, happy and calm!

Why Moonbi is for you

The chase never ends - Moonbi uses moves, sounds and smells to keep your cat engaged and always ready for a chase!

It never gets old - Your feline will always be intrigued when it sees Moonbi moving unpredictably. You’ll see them playing every day!

The play buddy they need - There is always something that will keep your cat busy from getting into trouble or bothering you when working!

USB Rechargeable - Save on batteries with our USB rechargeable toy! Let them play for hours without worrying about purchasing new batteries.

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